International Health Science

This course is designed to further knowledge on International Health Policy and the formation of national health care organizations in developing countries. The knowledge gained from this course will enable students to draw comparisons between Korea's health care system and those of other nations.


Through a comprehensive assessment of international health issues and research, this seminar will provide students with an understanding of health problems and develop their problem solving abilities. This course will provide students with a clear definition and comparison of healthy and unhealthy behaviors.

It will also examine the demands placed on nations and their sociocultural situations through both theory and real life situations. Students will gain an understanding of a variety of behaviors and the methods of disease treatment. Students will also learn how to promote and maintain health resources and how to apply their knowledge in daily functions.

Core Curriculum

  • Seminar in International Health
  • Comparative Studies of Health Care System
  • Socio-Cultural Aspects in International Health
  • International Health Policy