Health Information

Health Informatics program is designed to educate heath information specialists as well as health professionals (e.g. doctor, nurse, hospital administrative staff, etc.) in the health information systems. The objectives of the program are: (1) to understand the concepts and theory of health informatics, (2) to learn the basics and methods of information technology, and (3) to learn the application areas of health information systems.


The coursework is organized in the three areas: concepts of health informatics, information technology (e.g. internet, network, systems analysis, database, programming language), and applications of health information systems (e.g. hospital information system, community health information system, telemedicine, etc.).

Core Curriculum

  • Database Management
  • Seminar in Health Informatics
  • System Analysis & Design
  • Network Management
  • Introduction to Health Informatics
  • Knowlege Management System